Christmas and Sunday worship

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I’ve made the point before, especially to Adventist, “Don’t claim you’re not a Sunday observer if you observe Christmas!”

“The Date of Christmas. The adoption of the 25th of December for the celebration of Christmas is perhaps the most explicit example of Sun-worship’s influence on the Christian liturgical calendar. It is a known fact that the pagan feast of the dies natalis Solis Invic ti—the birthday of the Invincible Sun, was held on that date.71 Do Christian sources openly admit the borrowing of the date of such a pagan festivity? Obviously not.72 To admit borrowing a pagan festival, even after due re-interpretation of its meaning, would be tantamount to an open betrayal of the faith. This the Fathers were anxious to avoid.

Augustine and Leo the Great, for instance, strongly reprimanded those Christians who at Christmas worshiped the Sun rather than the birth of Christ.73 Therefore, it is well to keep in mind that in the investigation of the influence of the Sun-cults on the Christian liturgy, the most we can hope to find are not direct but indirect indications. This warning applies not only for the date of Christmas but for that of Sunday as well.”

The point: The enemy is so slick knowing he can’t get you on worshipping on Sunday, so he’ll get you in accomplishing the same objective even once a year which represents every Sunday IN the year! Don’t get it twisted, there is nothing “Christian” about “Christmas”, just as there is nothing “Christian” about worshiping on “Sunday”!

Paganism and tradition is strictly paganism and tradition. Don’t try to clean up what is filthy!

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