Christmas ‘Baby Jesus’ Replaced With A Sausage Roll In Christmas Advert In The UK

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The image of Jesus Christ deserves to be revered and respected, but not everybody does so. This year, British bakery chain Greggs is facing a backlash after releasing an advent calendar which replaced the “baby Jesus’ in the manger Christmas idols with a sausage roll.

It is among many festive pictures featured in the calendar, according to the UK Metro. There are sweet pastries hanging from a Christmas tree, a Greggs shop inside a snow globe, and Santa Claus with flakes on his beard.

There’s only one problem – the image of Jesus is nowhere to be seen, because cradled in the manger and surrounded by the ‘three wise men‘ is a sausage roll.

Woooops ….. no Jesus but a sausage

Instead of making people laugh, as the picture probably intended, people have been hugely offended by the image and have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure.

“Out of interest, do you think the people at Greggs understand that Jesus was Jewish and serving up a pork sausage roll in the manger is unbelievably inappropriate?” said Beth Rosenberg.

“I’m no prude, but equating Jesus, a Jew, to a sausage roll really is deeply offensive on all sorts of levels,” James Mather added.

But some saw the funny side of the slip.

“This is appalling… this is outrageous… as a Jew I strongly… ooh, Greggs sausage roll,” jested food writer Jay Rayner.

“I don’t know any Christians who are upset about Greggs’ sausage roll baby Jesus. I think people are more upset by unhealthy dietary options being promoted,” said another.

For its part, Greggs issued an apology over the image and clarified that it “did not mean to cause offense.” A spokesperson told The Sun: “We’re really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention.” Adapted from Christian post

What’s funny and sad at the same time is alleged christians being offended by ‘not’ having a ‘pagan’ idol called Jesus in a ‘pagan’ ceremony called Christmas, all while trying to pretend they are offended by the ‘alleged’ offense on the character of Jesus.

There is nothing that can make Christmas holy, not the many idols, not the pagan mass, not false narrative and analogy, not the fake date that actually celebrates a pagan god. There is nothing that can make the 25th of December any special unless it falls on a Sabbath and then it is a Sabbath day.

All the traditions of Christmas are vile and abhored celebrations to idols and spirits of the dead that God calls an abominaton. But Christians today will protest the lack of more idols on their favotire celebration of the birth of Jesus.

I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Luke 18:8

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