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There are many who belong, “claim” to belong to the “Church of Christ” and have no clue to what they’re saying. While it is certain Christ DOES have a church, the history of what has happened to the church is not properly understood, for one, due to their lack of understanding religious history as well as the Scriptures, as given to us in the Book of Revelation. I’ll be glad to impart what may not be commonly known.

When Christ was here, one of His purposes was to vindicate His Father’s Law, the Ten Commandments. The Israelites were blessed to have been the people who were called, “God’s People” out of all the other people in the world, because of the promise made to one faithful man, Abraham, his progeny was blessed to be highly regarded and was given the only thing given to us, by God, in addition to the “breath” of life, but man would abuse it. You see, we have this tendency when asked to do something, we begin to add other requirements which were not a part of the original. One of the major issues was in regard to the Sabbath.

We know, according to religious history, that about 400 years between the writing of Malachi and Matthew, the so-called “doctors of law” created requirements to pollute the Sabbath, by instilling requirements upon the common people which they themselves did not follow. There were such laws as: “Sabbath Walk” which meant they could only walk a certain limited space on the Sabbath. Laws regarding washing and food preparation, a whole host of laws; however, when reading the Gospels, one see Jesus breaking down the barriers which these “doctors” (Pharisees) created. In fact, what is little known among Christians today, Jesus was crucified for “breaking” the Sabbath Law! We DO KNOW He came to die to save man, but “how” and “why” is not preached nor easily understood and I’ll explain why in a moment. But, it all had to do with the Sabbath and prophetically speaking, the same will occur again before Christ returns to the Earth. People, God’s “true church” will be persecuted for not being Christian but for being Sabbathkeepers. We’re criticized NOW, but persecution will soon follow.

So, according to Revelation 2, the first church Ephesus, God is speaking to them because they “lost their first love”. In other words, the seven churches represent the total Gospel Era, from beginning to end. We’re in the Laodicean period today. The Ephesus church covers from the time of Christ leaving and is considered the “Time of the Apostles” from about the 1st to the 4th century. Christ’s church is going through a time of change and corruption. God specifically says, “You have forsaken your first love.” How do we show our love to God? It’s not that complicated, my Friends. The Bible states emphatically in several places, “If you love me, keep my Commandments.” THIS IS HOW God says, not man, but God says we show our love to Him.

The second church Smyrna, (303-313 AD), Christ’s church has gotten worse! The church claiming to be Christian but in essence has become the “synagogue of Satan”! What a denunciation; however, there are a few who are holding on but they will pay the price for holding on because the church went through a devastating period of persecution.

Along comes Pergamum (538 AD), and anyone having a modicum of religious history understanding knows what occurred. The church became so bad, under Roman rule, first under pagan control and now papal control, and for the next 1,260 years, the church of Thyatira the deepest corruption influences the church, the Law of God changed, and whatever we had is gone. GONE! But, “thank GOD”, in 1798, the Reformation began and God’s light was now being welcomed and received by a few precious souls and here we are today. Suffice it to say, I won’t take the time to give the whole history here, for it is vast but it is available to those who are interested, just inbox me with a request.

So, no wonder we have so many different denominations and differences, but the one thing we should be united upon is when it comes to God’s Law. This is the rejoinder of all who were separated and it brings us all together–or not! It’s the issue about the Sabbath. Just as Christ came to demonstrate how the Sabbath should be kept, there are Sabbathkeepers doing the same work among those who have no idea or who’ve lost the understanding of what it means. Out of the entire Jewish nation for that time, Christianity for this time, there will only be a few who will accept what Christ came here and died for. The vindication of the Law of God and to pay the penalty for us having broken it.

Now, this is a strong point but it needs to be made: If you are one of those who believe the Law was done away at the Cross, then your sins remain and Christ didn’t die for you. In fact, and this is sad, if Christ didn’t die for you then you must die. Someone has to pay the penalty.

Why not accept Christ’s sacrifice on your behalf?

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