Why the Church erred in asking for a delay in Uhuru trial

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In our highly politicized environment, the saddest tale is that the church can be bought. Politicians and clergy have merged into a marriage of convenience. The church will get favors from hosting top politicians while in turn they give the politicians audience to their members. It therefore has become a win-win situation for the Church and the local politician but a losing front for the gospel.

During campaigns, politicians pay highly to ‘attend’ services in certain churches. Being seen with certain ‘clergy’ would translate as an endorsement by that church for that politician to run for a certain political seat.

This seems to be a big blow to the simplicity of the gospel and leaves many wondering where the true gospel that detaches herself from this world has gone to.

The church has yet again made a historic standing choosing to ask the ICC to defer the cases before it where Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Joshua Sang in their personal capacities are charged as people bearing the biggest responsibility for the post election violence in which more than 1300 people died and 600,000 were displaced.

The church in this regard has chosen to stand by the suspected masterminds of the violence and not the victims who lost their families, homes and property. It would be remembered that during the election violence, the church performed poorly in terms of cohesion since most of the churches had already taken sides between the two formidable foes in the elections. It is even speculated that the atrocities committed had the hands of some church clergy and church officials.

With all due regard to the presumption of innocence for the suspects, the same regard should be given in presumption of their guilt. They therefore should submit to the court and have the due process of the court completed to exonerate them of any wrong doing or otherwise. But for the church to choose a side is disregarding the biblical principles of justice and separation of religion and politics.

Even Christ himself, at a time where he could have used all the powers in the world to fight of His accusers, he was humble to subject himself before mere mortals and face the law of the time. Yes He was innocent, yes, the law at the time was highly compromised as a judgment was entered before a trial and the trial itself highly compromised, but he submitted himself to the law of the land.

The rightful position of the church is to understand that everyone is accountable to their actions and that no one is above the law. We all are judged by the law, and as long as we are here we are subjects of the law of the land. The President and his deputy were accused before they became holders of such offices and even if they would have been accused after-the accusations against them are of such a high magnitude that it is right and just for them to stand trial.

It is my opinion that the National Council of Churches of Kenya is in error to take sides in a political matter and taking sides in a way that will avert the execution of law and justice. These are not and never will be the principles of Christianity. Christianity MUST embrace law, justice and above all, as Christ said-rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

This is the personal opinion of Imran Islim and does not represent the official position of amredeemed.com

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