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‘Church of Lucifer’ Opens in Texas

‘Church of Lucifer’ Opens in Texas

The first Texas “Church of Lucifer” opened on Friday in a small town outside of Houston and was met with a variety of protesters from both the local community and those who traveled across the country.

As previously reported, the Church of Lucifer was scheduled to hold its first meeting in Spring on October 31, opening its doors the day before.

Co-founder Jacob No, who goes by a fictitious name to protect his identity since he says that the group’s beliefs are misunderstood, told reporters that the Church of Lucifer is not Satanic.

However, some Luciferians consider themselves to be theistic and view Satan as a benevolent being and teacher. In No’s case, he said that as the word Lucifer means “morning star,” the group is a “gathering of people of like mind who seek the bearer of light or the light.”

The Church of Lucifer website acknowledges, however, that it is considered “within the scope of the occult,” and that one of its missions is “discovering who you are as your own goddess/god.”

“We worship the Complete Self. We exalt in forbidden knowledge and the paths to power,” it reads. “Without the proverbial serpent in the tree, humanity would not be the incredible creature you see in the mirror.”

No says that the services are not your typical church services and do not involve any preaching. Source