Concerns Raised Over Video Featuring 10-Year-Old ‘Desmond the Drag Kid’: ‘I Wanted to Do Drag … When I Was Two’

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A viral video of a 10-year-old boy who identifies as a “LGBTQ activist and advocate” and a “drag kid” is raising concern as some state that children being taught about drag and homosexuality is inappropriate and a reflection of ungodly parenting.

“I was born in Pride Month,” the child, who identifies as “Desmond Is Amazing,” stated in the video shared by The Huffington Post on Friday. “Gay pride means self-expression to me. … I discovered that I wanted to do drag when I watched the first episode of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ when I was two.”

Desmond, donning a pink dress and hat, was called up on stage by RuPaul during DragCon 2017, characterizing him as a “gorgeous little queen” and having the boy “sashay” for the cheering onlookers. He has also appeared at homosexual pride events and has his own YouTube channel with over 2,000 followers.

In last week’s video, the child outlined that in pursuing drag, he soon began emulating the styles of various over-the-top fashion designers.

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