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Controversial pastor commands ‘gay spirit’ into man

Controversial pastor commands ‘gay spirit’ into man


Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, has got tongues wagging again and this time it is for commanding “the spirit of homosexuality” to enter one of his followers during a church service last Sunday.

The pastor, who last week made international headlines for feeding congregants a live snake, shared the miracle on his ministry’s Facebook page.

“Demonstration of God’s power! Man of God commanded the spirit of homosexuality to enter one certain guy in the church. The demon manifested and started walking exactly like gays. He said his name is Ntlantla from Hammaskral and he is 23 years old. He manifested by showing his breast saying is his cleavage,” read the post.

This update did not go down well with many online users who condemned the preacher’s ‘miracles’ terming them ungodly.

His congregation however boasts Mnguni is a ‘man of God’ with the power to perform miracles.

Arrested for animal cruelty

Last week the Soshanguve pastor was arrested and charged for animal cruelty after he made members of his church eat snakes.

He was later released on Sh12, 000 (R1, 500) cash bail. Mnguni told inspectors he does not keep animals but picks them up whenever he finds them.

He even admitted to feeding lizards to his flock.