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Criticizing Homosexuality May Now Become “Crime Against Humanity”

Criticizing Homosexuality May Now Become “Crime Against Humanity”

A motion for summary judgment has been filed in federal court in Massachusetts seeking the end to a lawsuit by a coalition of Ugandan “gays” who contend an American pastor was not protected by the First Amendment when he was speaking in the United States about homosexuality.

The case was brought by Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) against American minister, speaker and advocate Scott Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries.

The homosexuals claimed that Lively’s comments about homosexuality are “crimes against humanity” and are forbidden under international law. And they claimed that America’s Alien Tort Statute allows them to come into the U.S. and dictate what people say.

But the non-profit legal group Liberty Counsel asked for the judge to rule, because after “100 hours of depositions, and 40,000 pages of documents,” the Ugandan activists “failed to produce a shred of evidence of any conspiracy or persecution by Lively.”

“The evidence shows that Lively, in a country where homosexuality has been illegal for decades, urged treatment of LGBTI people with respect and dignity, and the liberalization of Uganda’s laws against homosexuality, even as he spoke in favor of biblical sexual morality and against the LGBTI political agenda.”

Liberty Counsel submitted nearly 200 pages of evidence, arguing there were no “crimes against humanity,” no violations of “international law,” and no conspiracies or plans to persecute “gays” in his statements during three visits by Lively to Uganda in 2002 and 2009.