CU Chairperson & School Headboy Suspended for Sodomizing junior students in Kisumu school

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Kisumu, Kenya; photo provided by Aaron, GLUK (Great Lakes University of Kisumu)

A number of students from Kisumu Day Sec School including the school captain and the CU chairman have been suspended following claims that they are involved in sodomizing new students. This is after claims from a form One student who confessed that sodomy cases are fast on the rise at the boarding wing using crude objects including knives at night after the night preps.

The student who we opted not to mention admitted that he had to take off naked last Sunday night when the sexual ritual began to avoid continuous subject to this now common act in the school. He revealed that the master crafts of this barbaric act includes the now suspended C.U. chairperson and the school President (Head boy) who threatens the younger boys – a case of abuse of power.

The Ministry of Education has now been tasked to carry out an investigation regarding the incident that might put Kisumu Day on the list of recent cases of schools whose morals are fast going unchecked. The investigation team has been constituted by the Kisumu County Director of Education Mrs. Sabina Aroni and it’s being led by the Kisumu Central Sub County Director Charles Ang’iela. Full story

Homosexuality is fast becoming a thorny subject though still illegal. The last time is was addressed in public was during US President Obama’s official visit to Kenya. In his response to a question regarding protection of ‘rights and freedoms’ of homosexual persons, Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said it was a non-issue for Kenya. President Uhuru tells Obama gay rights a non issue to Kenya

That notwithstanding, Sodomy has always been a perennial problem in Kenyan boarding schools.

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