Dandora Church bans women from wearing panties to Church

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“You shall know them by their fruits” were the wise words of Christ. According to Christ, a cactus cannot bear mangoes nor a mango tree bear poisonous fruits. John echoes the words of Christ when he admonishes us to ‘not believe in every spirit but TEST if the spirit if of God”.

Recently a church in the U.S opened up to worshippers to pray while naked[button link=”https://amredeemed.com/news/us-church-allows-nude-worship-pictures/” icon=”127758″ target=”” color=”red” size=”small”]Nude Worship[/button], Mavuno church locally is on the receiving end for putting up a porn like poster to attract youth into their church service[button link=”https://amredeemed.com/evangelism/doctrines/mavuno-church-going-explicit-gospel/” icon=”9835″ target=”” color=”orange” size=”small”]Mavuno Church[/button] at the same time a pastor in Embu was caught with his hands “blessing” someone’s wife at a lodging and before the clouds could clear, a pastor died at his female worshipper’s house in Buruburu in what is said to have been a result of Viagra overdose[button link=”https://amredeemed.com/news/popular-pastor-found-dead-worshippers-house/” icon=”128222″ target=”” color=”orange” size=”small”]Read that Story[/button].

In a shocking move a church in the Nairobi ghetto Dandora has banned the female worshippers from entering the worship place with panties on. Nairobi Exposed has exclusively learnt from the secret vote that was passed on three weeks ago. Moses Njui* not his real names,a worshipper at Lord’s Propeller Redemption church in Dandora phaseII estate,the church council outlawed the female worshippers from wearing the undergarments to the church terming them as ungodly,”all the women were informed not to be wearing bras and panties to the church,less explanations were given but Rev.Njohi who is the head only warned of dare consequences should one go against the ruling. He said when going to church people need to be free in body and spirit to receive Christ. They were also advised to do the same on their daughters when coming to church on Sundays” revealed Moses* while speaking to NE.

In the next sebsequent weeks of worshipping on Sundays the passed move has been implemented and the worshippers threatened with consequences and respect to the pastors have been implemented and the women are attending the services “free”. (http://nairobiexposed.blogspot.com/)

This surely goes beyond sanity and logic. I mourn for the trampling of the gospel and introduction of all manners of false spirits to the church in the name of God. I think people have become too naive to questions the moves and motives of pastors  to simply accept and move on on every stupid and unreasonable questioning from the pastor. Remember the South African congregation that ate grass literally in the name of receiving the Spirit? [button link=”https://amredeemed.com/evangelism/doctrines/south-african-pastor-makes-members-eat-grass-holy-spirit/” icon=”” target=”” color=”green” size=”small”]Read it here[/button]

At some point people should realize that when a pastor tells you to jump. you really need ask why, not how high.

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