‘DANGEROUS INFECTION’ Russian biological warfare troops rushed to Arctic after outbreak of lethal anthrax hospitalizes 40

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BIOLOGICAL warfare troops have been rushed to the Russian Arctic amid growing concerns over a serious anthrax outbreak.

A total of 40 people – more than half of them children – are now hospitalised amid fears they may have contracted the deadly infection.

This follows the death of 1,200 reindeer suspected of contracting the disease after a contaminated corpse –  buried at least 70 years ago – thawed because of a heatwave in the Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia.

Russian experts have blamed global warming for the prolonged high temperatures – of up to 35C – at the  Tarko-Sale Faktoria camp, north of the Arctic Circle.

There were dramatic scenes as the Russian army’s Chemical, Radioactive and Biological Protection Corps, equipped with masks and bio-warfare protective clothing, flew to to regional capital Salekhard on a military Il-76 aircraft to deal with the emergency. Continue Reading>>

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