Why Davidian Founder Invented Slaughter Doctrine Against Seventh Day Adventists

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Victor T. Houteff grew up as a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, but disassociated himself from that denomination after a disagreement with church leaders. Apparently, he was enough of a problem that the Orthodox Church requested the Bulgarian Government to expel him from the country; which they did. Houteff would be a problem wherever he went. In 1918 he was baptized into Seventh-day Adventist Church held the position of Assistant Sabbath School superintendent. In 1929 he started erroneous shepherd rod teachings during Sabbathschool time and after noon and in 1930 he was disfellowshipped.

Early in 1935 Houteff journeyed with his friends to Texas, with the idea of establishing a permanent headquarters for their separate organization. The new headquarters was named Mount Carmel Center, and and he himself announced Himself Elijah of End times!.. The Symbolic Code, vol. 1, no. 14 (August 1935), p. 5. In 1937, he married 17-year-old girl (Florence; Houteff was 51 at the time), and all church positions went to Houteff and his close blood relatives. At the top was Victor Houteff, president; Mrs. Florence Houteff (his wife, who took over after his death), secretary; and Mrs. S. Hermanson (his mother-in-law), treasurer.

As Houteff explained it, God had revealed to him that the 144,000 were to be gathered into the Rod, move to the Waco, Texas, headquarters as an assembling point-and then, from there, all would go together to Palestine where the Kingdom of David was to be re-established under the leadership of Victor Houteff. From its world headquarters in old Jerusalem, the Davidians were, according to Houteff’s prophetic interpretations, to see the Seventh Day Adventist rejecters of their message slain, then evangelize the rest of the world, and then Jesus would return invisibly so Houteff could be the visible monarch, the King David to rule the entire earth.

On February 15, 1935, Houteff wrote in The Symbolic Code, that they should stay in their local churches and not separate, for “if we separate ourselves from the organization, then in the fulfillment of Ezekiel 9, when those who have not the mark are taken away, we shall have no right to claim possession of the denomination.” His point was that when, the wicked Adventists were suddenly slain for not having accepted the Shepherd’s Rod teaching, then the only ones still alive in the church would be the Rodites! They could then take over the entire denominational treasury and its properties.

But when the he died (1955) Florence came to realize that those teachings were wrong and retracted and later she dissolved Davidian church. But soon after someone called Ben Roden formed the Branch Davidian and announced that according to Houteff they are to wait for sealing to close so that they can slay all other non-Davidians in SDA then leave the SDA churches officially!

Now you know what Davidians are waiting for inside SDA churches.

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