Deadly hailstorm strikes Valencia, Italy producing damage to 127,200 acres of crops

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An intense storm that hit Spain’s Valencia on Sunday, June 30, 2018, caused ‘extremely serious damage’ to crops in the region, with up to 11,000 ha (27,200 acres) of crops affected. The storm caused ‘extremely serious damage’ in the La Ribera area of Valencia and many farmers lost their entire crop, Valencia   farming association, AVA-ASAJA said.  According to the first estimate made by the association, the agricultural area affected by the storm exceeds 11 000 hectares (27,200 acres), with economic losses of up to €47 million (US$58 million).  

Persimmons are the worst affected. Some 3 500 ha (8,650 acres) were affected, many of which had 100% losses, AVA-ASAJA said. The organization estimated this would translate into a 15% drop in production on the next crop, which, added to the 10% reduction the industry was already expecting due to frosts in February and March, will lead to Valencia’s persimmon production dropping by a quarter.

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