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The heavens declare the glory of God,
Its no secret that the righteous will soon be mobbed.
Persecution is coming,
But yea, a revival of godliness too,
This is why i am writing this poem for you.
Men of all ages have stood for The Christ,
Some not even knowing,that they would receive a prize.
Children and women were burned, Men were hanged,
Yet nevertheless in death, hymns they still sang.
It seems so much now,that Christianity has lost its meaning,
Now a life of riches,ease and comfort,
But soon it will become a life of toil, persecution and, poverty.
If we are ever to stand
We need to be wrapped up in God’s hands.
His love in our hearts,
Love for the grace He has given us,
By the death he died.
I am not sure if you know how much i do,
But I really love you.
And I want to see you in a position where,
You can best serve the Master.
Talk to Christ, hide nothing from Him,
Study His word,pray,and sing.
Let nothing hinder you from serving Him,
Confess your sins,be a witness for The King,
Yea a blessing to others.
I love you, I really do
And I would very much want to see you,
In glory too.
My dear never give up in this Christian race.

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