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ST. LOUIS – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may have gained favor with Christian voters by his appearances Friday and Saturday with evangelicals and Catholics.

On Friday Trump spoke at the Values Voters Summit hosted by the conservative group Family Research Council. On Saturday Trump met with the archbishop of St. Louis Robert Carlson and received a standing ovation at the funeral Mass of conservative Catholic activist Phyllis Schlafly.

“A Trump administration — our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected and defended like you never seen before,” Trump said at the Value Voters Summit. “Believe me.”

Trump also commented, “Our nation today is divided; nobody likes to say it, but we’re living in a very, very divided nation. It will be our faith in God, in His teachings, in each other, that will lead us back to unity.”

In America, where relativism is rampant, Trump attributed a conscience to the United States Americans should live by. He reiterated what he said in Detroit last week, that Black churches have been the conscience of our nation. At the time, Trump claimed it was the Black churches that led to a nation of unity.

Saturday, Trump received a standing ovation at the funeral Mass of Phyllis Schlafly. Schlafly, an influential conservative political activist, died a faithful Catholic. She is best known for halting the pro-abortion and pro-gay Equal Rights Amendment of the 1970s.

Trump offered the opening remarks at her funeral Mass. “She loved her family and she loved her God,” he remarked. “Her legacy will live on every time some underdog outmatched and outgunned defies the odds and delivers a win for the people.”

“She was a warrior for the country which she loved so much,” he continued. “Even at the age of 92, this beloved woman had more strength and fire and heart than 50 strong politicians all put together. Believe me, I witnessed it.”

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