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Donald Trump, Wikileaks, Project Veritas – An Act of God?


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I understand the US elections are still a few weeks away and for the first time, thanks to Social Media, everyone in the world is now either a Democrat or a Republican. People are comparing their local leaders and electoral process to what is happening in the US a lot in fact due to Facebook and Twitter.

I mean, for the first time in history, the whole world is following the US elections in real time even joining in to stream the debates. 

This article is not about the stuff the media has said about either candidate.

Just the other week, the world was at the brink of a war. Russia held it’s normal war drill but this time more than 40 million people are reported to have participated. Few days later Russia asked all public officials with families abroad to have them back to Russia. Everyone was scared, a war was coming.

Regardless of what the media will tell you about the war, here is the truth. The main trigger of the war was Syria. Russia (and just recently China too) is working with the Syrian government to fight rebels who are hiding within the civilian population of Aleppo.

On the other side, in the pretext of defending the civilians, the US government is arming, funding and supporting the rebels who in large part are an extension of ISIS and the agenda they have.

It reached a point where the US government struck Syrian Army military positions killing at least 70 soldiers 7 minutes before rebels attacked the same place. The US reported it as an ‘accident’. 

The Syrian government then had genuine concern. 1) Because, contrary to media reports (again if you have been following news, you will know stations like CNN are biased and report on information given to them by people with self interests) the people in Aleppo want to be rescued, by the Syrian Government. 2) If US, a super power can blatantly attack the military of a democratic State, what would stop them from attacking the Syrian president directly?

To further give this context, it was reported (of course not on CNN) that the people of Aleppo who were fleeing from the rebels towards Syrian Military for rescue were being shot dead by rebel snipers. The US itself is on record trying to stop people from running. QUOTE “The U.N. humanitarian chief said the Russian proposal for humanitarian corridors in Aleppo must be guaranteed by all parties and “no one can be forced to flee, by any specific route or to any particular location.”

The truth? If the civilians run, the rebels do not have ‘hostages’ to stop the Syrian army from moving in. So US was defending rebels, and with air power.

Tensions escalated to the point that Russia began moving their military closer to Syria. Russia then gave the US a dire warning, should they shoot any further Syrian military positions, then Russia will engage directly with the US in war.

Now with more Nations like China aligning with Russia to support Syria, it was a scary future to think of. A future that, make no mistake, will happen, but to think it so close was daunting.

Here is why I think, regardless of your political alignment, you ought to give a big applause to Wikileaks and Project Veritas for the efforts they played in what you are about to read.

Wikileaks emails revealed that both Obama and Clinton were complicit in the situation we are seeing in Syria today. They funded and armed the rebels, in other words, they wanted the war to happen. They wanted the refugees to move to the West. George Soros once said that before the New World Order, Western Civilization Must break.

Same emails also show that the Clinton campaign specifically chose to elevate the ‘likes’ of Donald Trump, whom at the time they thought they would manipulate and use their ‘Republican extremism’ to drown their campaign. Donald Trump enjoyed billions in free advertising to clinch the Republican nomination.  Of course am not down playing his policies and the reasons he chose to content for the presidential seat (which are good). Am saying, they chose him specifically thinking he never had a chance and how lucky we are that he has.

George Soros who recently donated 500 million to support the refugees, in leaked emails was giving step by step instructions to Clinton on policies while Secretary of State. The same guy has donated at least 9 million to the Clinton campaign and their super PACs. He has also been actively monitoring his investment.

Project Veritas videos have shown that the DNC and the Clinton campaign had planned their strategies through includingferrying voters in cars not buses to avoid suspicion’Again, George Soros is connected to a company that supplies electronic voting technology to at least 16 States and there is a petition to the US congress to have those states fall back to manual voting.

Leaked emails have shown that Clinton is in favor of globalism or a global government or what conspiracy theorists call New World Order. She shares the same position with Obama, Pope Francis, German Chancellor Merkel. And these were the most vocal persons who called Trump’s wall a crazy idea.


Obama opposed building a wall. Clinton critized it. Pope Francis said those who turn their backs on refugees are not Christians (in an obvious taunt to the US who claim their Nation was founded on Christianity.) This is while Germany is now admitting the refugees crisis is a problem and France begging people to take up more refugees as they start building their wall. 

They all knew it would happen, but they wanted it to happen. If you want to start something new, you must always destroy what was there before.

Donald Trump. Amidst furious attacks from people who were paid by the Clinton campaign, his rallies being attacked by Clinton supporters (another link) and all the lies that the media published, he was able to survive and largely in part because he aligned himself with something that we all want. No war. Trump is on record as saying would it not be great is we just got along with Russia?

The leaked emails and the obvious media bias is what the Clintons and the elite did not count on backfiring on them. And above all, social media. It would have been easier to shut down Wikileaks but the ripples would fall back to Twitter and Facebook and in seconds, another website would pop up. They did not expect this, and this is what i call an act of God.

In the second presidential debate, Clinton stated clearly that if she is elected, she will have no problem in creating a no-fly zone over Syria. That would have meant hundreds of thousands of US forces on the ground in Syria. Creating a no-fly zone means having your own forces in every airport, airstrip, runaway, ground to air communication stations and all that. Russia is already in Syria, they would not simply have recalled their forces and let the Syrian military out to be obliterated by Clinton. A lot of Syrians will be killed.

Why am I calling this an act of God? The only proven poll shows Donald Trump is ahead by 2 points and increasing. This is when Project Veritas have promised a video that shows Clinton being directly complicit in electoral malpractice. Wikileaks have promised an October surprise and speculation is rife that that would happen on Clinton’s birthday October 26th. So chances are super high that finally the American people will see the real truth behind who is funding the Clinton campaign.


Conspiracy theorists have not ruled out a surprise move by the Vatican corporation. Let’s face it, 911 was an inside job (don’t drag me into that, some people have covered in well). Should something very tragic happen in the US between now, during or immediately after the elections, the world might still have it’s chance for a Nuclear showdown.

A lot is at stake for them. The progress in destroying the American fabric and morals that Obama has made, the progress of getting millions of refugees to the West that can be credited to Obama and Clinton, all that work stands to be lost if Trump wins. We know the first thing he would do is tell Putin “hey, let’s get a long. How about we talk about this?”. In other words, the tensions would de-escalate.

Either way, do some reading. Should the US on November 8th vote, and that measures be put in place to at least limit rigging, and that there be a peaceful handover of the presidency, then by all means from social media trends, polls, Donald Trump will be the next US president and at least, for a while, Nuclear War will not be a trending subject.

But make no mistake, a vote for Clinton means a vote to support War with Russia. Just to let you understand what that means, wars are fought by ‘aligning’ your allies. It started as far back as when Abraham gathered his ‘supporters’ and went to war to rescue his Cousin Lot (Genesis 14).

Already we know Russia, China and Syria will align. US will align with Nato members. From that point, as yourself, the country you live in, is it pro US or pro Russia, your political leaders, which side are they on? Because when war starts, your country is a pawn. It becomes a matter of ‘strategy’ if bombing your country will spell more victory.

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