Dr. Owuor claims to have seen Christ coming, Kenya to repent

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During an interview on the bench with Jeff Koinange, Dr. Owuor, the self proclaimed prophet made several serious comments regarding christianity.

In the interview, the prophet asserts his belief in teh prophecies that he made and believes they came to pass. At some point a prophecy he made of an earthquake in Kenya is mentioned but he skips the issue to address those he believes did happen. In that, Owuor says that he prophesied the post election violence, the westgate terorrist attack and Uhuru’s victory to presidency.

The recent request by pastors to be armed with guns for self defense is seen as hypocrisy by Owuor who has an entourage of vehicles and bodyguards. This does seem as ironical that he would refute others to be armed whilst he is. According to him, Kenya as a Nation needs to repent, acknowledge that God has called the nation-not individuals but as a whole nation to repentance. In this regard, he says The president should not honor his trial at the International Criminal Court where he is charged alongside with the Deputy president and journalist Joshua Sang on allegations that they are criminally responsible for the post election violence of 2007/2008 where an estimated 1300 people died and more than 600,000 were internally displaced. He claims that the Kenya solution does not lie at the ICC but as the whole nation coming to repentance in which he will lead.

Another serious comment he made is that he has been shown the coming of Christ. Whereas he did not mention whether he was shown ‘when’ that would happen nor ‘how’ that would happen, he claims to have been shown severally the coming of Christ. In all these dreams and revelations he says God has spoken to him or shown him. You would remember that Owuor is a proponent of the ‘gospel’ of the rapture,.

here is the video of the interview

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