Dr. Prophet Victor Kanyari exposed on TV as a FRAUD

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Yesterday in Kenya TV news at 7pm and 9pm was another shocking discovery of what fake pastors and preachers have become in the country. A bunch of hungry hyenas who have found a ‘living bread’ within the word of God.

Through the now famous Investigative journalists, they exposed how ‘men of God’ have turned churches to businesses going a step higher and orchestrating Hollywood styled miracles to fool the normal Christian.

He and his own mother have been in the face of Kenya for face healing. His mother who claimed to be able to cure HIV and other illnesses was taken to court and by her loyal side was Victor Kanyari. It now seems Victor has actually overtaken the lengths and depths his mother ever dreamt of and went far much higher in cheating Kenyans.

In the expose, one of the people paid to fake miracles confesses on what was happening and at some point he alleges they used potassium which when it mixes with water turns read. The ‘trusting’ Christian would see ‘blood’ oozing from your legs.

At another scene, he alleges that HIV is a ‘devil’s spirit cast’ on people and he can pray for you so that the HIV disappears away from you. Your hands are washed with the chemical compound and obviously turns red and they lay claim to ‘HIV leaving your body’.

They also have a trick in which his ‘aides’ hide needles between their fingers and the goal is to prove that by some ‘demonic’ spirits, you have needles within your body. So you will be called by one of the aides for prayer and he ‘prays’ while rubbing your leg. Unknown to you, he is applying the potassium on your legs with one hand and the other hand has needles hidden between his fingers.

After the prayer he asks to ‘wash’ your legs and again, the reaction turns to red. As he calls the pastor to the scene, he drops the needles in the water a sign of a ‘miracle’.

You can watch the whole video here.

It indeed is a shame that time and again, these pastors are exposed as frauds but gullible Kenyans are still tricked back to the churches and they keep ‘planting seeds’ with these fake thieves.

The richest clergy in Kenya have all gotten their wealth by deciveing the masses in one way or the other. Countless articles we have written on Fake prophets and Pastors in Kenya but Kenyans still flock to these men and enrich their false message by their offerings

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