Egypt’s Coptic Pope declares Cairo’s Virgin Mary Church 3rd papal headquarters

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Egypt’s Coptic Pope Tawadros II declared on Saturday Virgin Mary Church in East Cairo’s Zeiton district a new papal headquarters, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.

This is the third location that has been named as a papal headquarters. The two other headquarters are the Abbasiya Cathedral, also in Cairo, and the Saint Bishoy Monastery in Alexandria’s Wadi El-Natroun.

Claps and cheers from the congregation met the pope’s announcement, Al-Ahram reported.

The Virgin Mary Church, built in 1925, has reportedly been a site where Marian Apparition’s have occurred throughout the years, with a particularly long one apparently lasting for over two hours in 1968.

The holy family reportedly passed through Tomanbay Road, where the church is located, during their stay in Egypt.

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