End times headlinesEllen White's Great Controversy crushed down to a pamphlet...

Ellen White’s Great Controversy crushed down to a pamphlet ‘great hope’


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One of the biggest mistakes with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, more specifically what the North American Division has done is to have attempted to “re-create” The Great Controversy into The Great Hope for the purposes of evangelism. That’s similar to the mess between denominations which can simply be explained as those so-called “New Testament” churches’ confusion because they have little if any understanding of the foundation which can ONLY be gotten by accepting, reading and using the Old Testament.

Since its inception The Great Controversy is second only to the Bible. It is the most revealing, accurate and purpose-filled book used in Evangelism and some knucklehead(s) thinks to improve upon this! Ludicrous. And what is even more sickening is when the church leaders support this nonsense and the congregants accept it as worthwhile because they haven’t the ability to use their own brain to see what the greater deception is. Let’s ask a pointed question: “Is The Great Controversy inspired?” If it is, then can you take anything from it and still have the same result? It is the same question I would ask regarding the Scriptures: “Is the Bible inspired?” If it is, then how can you take it apart and think having a part is as good as having the whole?

The reason why most denominations, movements and sects cannot understand the importance and place of “The Law” versus “The law”, or the “Atonement/Judgment” or the “Gospel” is because they haven’t utilized the foundational principles only found in the Old Testament. The same is in regard to “The Great Hope”. How can anyone reading it learn about the Protestant Movement, the Papacy being the “Antichrist” and what constitutes the endtime messages which is taken out from the greater and entire, “The Great Controversy”? It is impossible. No wonder there is problems within the Body. This is inherent why we’re seeing such mess being suggested and adopted within our ranks today with the Women’s Ordination issue, which was predicted once that door was opened so many other dreadful subjects will be brought, and it has! Why are we dealing with the LGBTQ+ movement? Why do we have such having moved past the pew and now standing in the pulpit?

Folks, if we’re not involved and in the midst of “The Shaking”, then I don’t know what we’re in. In fact, if the Shaking has not even begun, then we are headed toward a tragedy because this is bad enough. When our universities and colleges begin teaching Spiritual Formation and Emerging Church strategies, when our hospitals and sanitariums have moved away from the proper diet, when we wish to be considered as part of the whole and not be seen as peculiar, this is when we have abdicated our post and have joined Babylon and need to be called out, too! When our women will now justify the wear of jewelry and makeup, and sadly some men, too! When our men are confused about their role as being men and fathers, and have become effeminate in more ways than one. WEAK! When we no longer believe in the Foundational principles of our faith. When Seventh Day Adventist Churches who ONLY held their worship services on the true Sabbath have now opened on the spurious sabbath thinking it is evangelism! When the issue of the “Trinity” becomes such an issue which is was not 50 years ago. When simply put, the devil has our focus out of focus and we no longer can see, no wonder the Laodicean church is urged to apply eye salve because we are now truly blind to what we are doing, seeing and believing and yet justify ourselves in whatever we want to do.

We are now truly in a mess so how can we deliver the (mess)age which is unique to our age? They didn’t struggle with this in the 1800’s, nor the 1900’s, but it seem since we’ve crossed into this new millennium, we found subjects which were once easily grasped and understood are now confusing and these new theories are explained in ways which are enticing and seem to be right. I would love if my grandfather could rise from his grave since 1980 and take him to church today. I would love it if he could read some of the Sabbath School Quarterlies printed today having taught since before I was born until the day he died. I would love for him to hear some of the men standing in the pulpit today and get his reaction. Well, Gramps, be glad you’re gone. But I “thank you” for your manliness, your Christian principles, your steadiness and brilliance and forthrightness. Your leadership which remains in this grandson, and others, who will NOT BE MOVED by what goes forth as SDA doctrine today. So, thankful, you had The Great Controversy in your library and encouraged me to read it. So glad, because having done so, I don’t need The Great Hope, because simply put, there is no “hope” in it!

Roy Martinhttp://www.roymartinministries.wordpress.com/
I recognize the only reason why I am still alive and enjoying life–now, is because of God’s direct involvement in my life, healing me from my addiction. Now, it is my privilege, duty and obligation to assist others who are caught, “out there”. Ministry is more than words. It’s a willingness to take action. Pray about it and let me know how I may help you.


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