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Ellen White’s The Great Controversy Placed In Our Mailbox Changed Our Lives

Ellen White’s The Great Controversy Placed In Our Mailbox Changed Our Lives
In late summer of 2009 my unexpected invitation to a brand new life arrived in the mail. The Great Controversy was placed in our mailbox. In the back of the book I found an insert for the Amazing Facts Bible studies which I immediately I sent in.
The Bible studies were amazing! I learned so much, and was so excited, that I immediately started sharing everything with my boyfriend Mark. He had a lot of questions since he was raised a Catholic, but with much prayer and Bible research we started learning.
When we studied the lesson about the Sabbath, I just had to find a church that worshipped on Saturday. I had no idea what church I was looking for, as nothing about the Seventh-day Adventist church had been mentioned in the studies yet. I got out the local phone directory and began searching for a church that worshipped on Sabbath.
The next Sabbath, at 7:30 a.m. I arrived at the small Seventh-day Adventist church, two hours too early. A car was there so I went inside not knowing what to expect. Betty Butterfield was there and told me to come back in two hours when worship started. I was a little disappointed and thought to myself, “I don’t really want to stick around town any longer. I’ve got better things to do.” As I turned to leave, suddenly I saw a whole box of The Great Controversy books. I told Betty, “That’s the book that brought me here. I got one of those in the mail.”
I knew God had brought me to that little church. I definitely came back two hours later and have been coming back ever sense.
That was the start of my new life. For the next 10 months Mark and I faithfully attended church. We learned so much and grew very close to the wonderful church family. Pastor Titus Naftanalia helped us plan an August wedding. We also planned my baptism for the Sabbath after the wedding. Pastor Titus figured Mark would need a few more months to work on some lifestyle changes before being baptized, but I said, “No, we are going to do this together. If there are things that need to change, God will guide us through it.” And sure enough He did. Mark and I were baptized together into the Ashland Seventh-day Adventist Church on that August day in a small stream near our farm.
Things did not change easily, but with the Lord’s help it all came together. We are so thankful for what God has brought to our lives. One small thing, such as a book dropped in a mailbox can bring about big change.
Amanda Sandor – Ashland SDA Church