Another lady reveals escape from being raped by Pastor Ken Gomeri and Gospel Musician Ringtone

Another lady has taken to Facebook throught the administrator of a popular group to reveal how together with her friend escaped from being raped by youthful pastor Ken Gomeri and his friend gospel musician Ringtone.

Her revelation comes following a previous shocking one involving Hopekid and DJ Dk which unravalled last week, and yet another one now involving pastor Ken Gomeri.

In the first one to give you some context, the pastor invited three teenage girls to a road trip and trciked them into sharing a hotel. During the night, the pastor and his friend kept touching the ladies inappropriately and tried several to engage in sex with them.

Now another lady narrates having had a similar experience with the very same pastor, this time with popular gospel musician Ringtone.

According to the lady, in 2007 pastor Gomeri invited her to a pizza and requested her to go with a female friend of hers.

At the meet point, Gomeri showed up with singer Ringtone. After eating, they were driven to Rigntone’s house around Safari Park, Thika Highway.

Once at the home, the pastor and the singer decided to share between themselves which lady they wanted to sleep with, of course unknown to the ladies prior.

When the ladies refused their advances, the ‘annointed’ men of God locked the gates and went to the bedrooms, each to his own expecting the ladies to follow. 

She reveals they both jumped over the gate and escaped from the compound. 

Neither the pastor nor Ringtone have commented on the allegations.

Here is her narration;

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