Fake Prophet Owuor church officials sue two bloggers for defamation

Prophet David Owuor’s Holiness and Repentance Ministry wants two bloggers stopped from posting defamatory videos about the church.

The 10 officials want the court to bar Kevin Kiriga and Paul Akhonya from posting on their social media pages. They are seeking temporary orders restraining them from distributing, copying, altering and disseminating audio, visual, sound recordings, pictorial content and broadcasts on their platforms.

It is alleged that the two have been running a smear campaign against the church on social media. The two are said to have written and spoken words deemed abusive and hurtful to church members on Facebook and YouTube. The officials asked the court to allow them to go into Kiriga’s and Akhonya’s houses and seize all the infringing content.

The church wants the Inspector General of Police, the Communication Authority of Kenya, the Copyright Board of Kenya and Google Kenya to enforce the orders of the court if allowed.

They say continued infringement and passing of their copyright has damaged their reputation and diminished the amount of traffic attracted to their social media platforms. “This has impeded our ability to reach the masses with the gospel of Kingdom of God, which is our sole mandate under the documents of incorporation,” the court papers read. The church also wants the two to be found in contempt of court for continuing to post the videos on social media even though the case is before court.

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