I went to heaven and anointed Jesus’ seat- Prophet Owuor

In July 2018, Owuor, the founder of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness said in a crusade: “I see the two prophets of the Lord walking on their own, but one is super-glorious and glowing and wearing white shoes and white clothes.

“They are two. They are two. They are two! And you address them appropriately. Actually if you look around one is taller than the other. Yes, they are two. Be very careful!”

Owuor prefers white shoes and white clothes and matching flowing suits.

Since then, Owuor refers to himself as the two biblical prophets Moses and Elijah. He further claims to have toured heaven where he held fruitful discussions with God and his son Jesus Christ.

Said Owuor in May 2018: “The Lord Jehovah, the tremendous God of heaven lifted me into heaven and took me to His throne. While I was there, there was tremendous glory.

“A lot of glory. Then the Lamb came. The Messiah came then God the Father extended a bottle of olive to my right hand. Then I went down on my knees and I anointed the seat of the Messiah.”

Yes! Owour ANNOINTED the seat of the Messiah!

What blasphemy! Source.

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