Two Chicago PRIESTS are caught by police performing a sex act inside a car on a Miami street in broad daylight

Two Chicago priests have been arrested after they were allegedly caught performing oral sex on each other in a car parked on a Miami Beach street in broad daylight. 

Diego Berrio, 39, and Edwin Cortez, 30, were both charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.

Cortez, whose unzipped pants exposed his genitalia, has also been charged with indecent exposure.

A bystander called police after spotting the two men engaging in oral sex inside a rented black Volkswagen around 3.20pm on Monday. 

The car was parked across the street from both a park and a children's playground. 

Authorities said the car's windows were not tinted, leaving both men in 'full view of the public' on the busy street.

Miami Beach Police said the sex act was still going on when an officer arrived on the scene, according to CBS Miami.  

The officer said he could see Berrio, who was sitting in the passenger seat, performing oral sex on Cortez, who was in the driver's seat.

Both men were so engaged in the act that they did not immediately notice the officer when he arrived at the car.  

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