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You are not such to me and it is for certain, it is not me to you, but we do have a common enemy who is bent on our destruction. He is so good at masking what he does, to some extent, we forget he exists and what it is he is attempting to do.

From our very beginning he has gone after us and by weakening generations, we continue to fall lower and lower. Now, there are some who don’t believe he even exists thinking we are solely responsible for the evils of the world. Yes, we should assume responsibility for those things which we do, but there is a reason why we do those things to begin with! You think your sins are something you have created and have desired to do without having some origination? If you think this way, he has already caused you to accept his greater deception because it is by blaming yourself you give him a free pass and not hold him to what he is the cause of: SIN.

I believe this deception is what has been the root for many of those we hear in the news who have desired no longer to live and have committed suicide. We use fancy words like manic depressive, depression and not view the source only the victim. We see broken marriages and try to determine how they came about not recognizing it was he, our enemy, which found that one thing which was enough to cause people who once claimed, and perhaps did, to love each other but it wasn’t enough to keep them together. We who call ourselves a part of the “Household of God” the Church, cannot seem to agree and I’m not speaking about the differing denominations but even within the separate walls which confine us as believers of the same faith! A point of disagreement drives the wedge creating dislike soon to be a hatred, and we blame the other, or ourselves, not recognizing the enemy lurking and laughing and then pointing the finger and God saying, “See, I told You so!”.

That enemy, my friends, is real. He wants nothing better to destroy me, to destroy you, but he wants to have it accomplished by your own effort because he is limited to what he can actually do. He cannot “cause” you to sin, but he “causes” you to contemplate it. It begins by a thought. Getting as close as possible, he whispers the temptation beginning with the word, “I” making ourselves think it originated with us! Once the act is completed, those of us who truly know God KNOW there is no satisfaction but we’ve fallen a little lower than the moment before.

Thankfully, we have a friend, called Jesus. Recently, there has even been an attack against that very name which will result in our overcoming! Some say we should say “Yeshua” or some variation thereof. Now, where do you think all this comes from? They weren’t discussing this 50 years ago when I was a child. In fact, I never even heard of it, till now. Our enemy wants us to be so confused about where our help comes to the point we will just stop calling for help and then his case is made and we are surely doomed. Don’t, and I say it again, “don’t” allow the enemy to hide behind the shadows but reveal him at every opportunity you can to destroy his power and the best way to do it is when you are tempted to say something which will hurt someone, no matter the situation, hold back on the bitterness, the words which will evoke a similar response of condemnation and state instead, “I love you”, and see how the tide will flow in the other direction.

I love you.

The enemy can’t handle this. We can, but he can’t. Use our best weapon. I think I’ll begin today. Will you?

Bible Study
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