Epic Floods Hit Hawaii

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Epic, life-threatening floods have hit the Hawaiian island Kauai hard today, with more than two and a half feet of rain reported across the northern part of the island. Pictures and videos have begun showing up on social media, showing some of the devastation. According to the National Weather Service in Honolulu, Hawaii, RADAR has indicated at least 26″ of rain has fallen near the Princeville resort on the island’s north shore, stressing that such RADAR estimates often under-report heavy rain that falls in that region. Pictures shared online show cars and trucks tossed like toys by flood waters, with homes floating out to sea in raging flood waters. The epic downpour is creating historic floods, destroying beach shacks and multi-million dollar homes in the process.

In addition to stunning resorts and incredible views, the stretch of land being impacted is also home to many high-profile residents.  Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has a 700 acre sea-side compound in an area that saw more than 15 inches of rain in less than 10 hours.  South Park creator Trey Parker also lives in Wailua, which RADAR estimates at least 6″ of rain fell this morning.

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