Exclusive photos of Dr. Owuor back in 2006

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Dr. Owuor is without doubt the most recognized clergy in Kenya recognized around the world. The self proclaimed man of God has controversy all around him.

While the man will stand against pastors being armed, he is the only preacher in Kenya with an extensive security detail and police outriders. Starting from nothing and condemning other preachers from asking for money, the man has risen to the richest preachers in Kenya riding in limousines.


prophet owuor



Here are photos and how it all began. In the video clip,  he talks of many prophecies against Kenya including mighty earthquakes that are yet to be seen. According to him there will be earthquakes in Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru with him seeing some roads dug in deep and a lot of people dying. almost ten years later, no earthquake-yet it maybe that the prophecies is for a later time or it may never happen at all.  His teachings have not been biblical with him introducing different gospels like the secret rapture.

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