FAKE PROPHET Commands a man to turn into a horse and ‘rides’ on him

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I am revolted, angry and disgusted that as a Christian I can do nothing at this point to save South Africans from the demon in this man. YES A DEMON!

Even Christ condemned his disciple Peter by telling him “Get thee behind me Satan” Matthew 16:23

It was not because at that point Peter was Satan, actually Peter became one of the strongest pillars of the early Church. At that point Peter was a stumbling block to Christ. He was standing in the way of Christ’s mission!

Today we have a ‘self confessed’ prophet who is standing in the way of the salvation of hundreds of people he has decided. This pagan of a man has actually become a danger to other people yet he goes on unabated in the name of God.

Shall we serialize the stuff he has lied to people about? He has claimed to turn petrol to juice and people ended up drinking petrol!

He has claimed to turn human hair extensions to food and people actually ended up eating that stuff!

He has claimed to turn snake to taste like chocolate and people were seen in church munching at a live snake, yet he forgets the very God he professes to worship actually forbade the eating of snakes!

He has stepped on worshippers, asked them to undress to recieve some spirit (NOT the Holy Spirit of course!) and when you think you have heard it all, he has pulled another stint!

He apparently commanded this man to turn into a horse and rode on him! What injustice! What Blasphemy! What insult to God! What insults to Christianity!

I am abhorred that nothing is being done to stop this madness. Someone needs to get up, grab a huge stick and whip this man to senses.

When Israelites were in the desert they started sleeping with prostitutes from a tribe God warned them. God got angry and started burning their camps. They started repenting all of them and whilst so doing one Israelite in broad daylight takes a prostitute to his tent, past the others praying and starts doing it. Another Israelite gets really mad and stabs the man and the woman. The bible states God’s anger was stayed cos this man felt the fury God felt as regards sin.

Maybe we just need one such a person today!

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