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Famous Seventh Day Adventists


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This list has been adapted from adherents.com and wikipedia.


– Little Richard – pop singer
– Brian McKnight – R&B singer, songwriter (raised SDA)
– Salt – from rap group “Salt N Pepa” (convert to SDA)
– Charmaine – singer for Rebecca St James
– Kirk Franklin – Gospel music musician (lapsed)
– Joyce Bryant – jazz/blues singer famous during 1940s and 1950s
– Hugh Martin – Oscar-nominated and Tony-nominated songwriter; MGM musical Meet Me In St. Louis (1944); Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; etc.
– Take 6 – Gospel music group comprised of SDAs (Alvin Chea, bass; Cedric Dent, baritone; Joey Kibble, second tenor; Mark Kibble, first tenor; Claude V. McKnight III, first tenor; David Thomas, second tenor)
– Virtue – female Gospel music group comprised of SDAs (Karima Kibble, Ebony Trotter, Heather Trotter and previously Negelle Sumpter: all attende Oakwood College)
– Jerome Fontamillas – guitarist, keyboard player for the popular rock band Switchfoot
– Rickey Smith – singer; finalist on popular TV show American Idol (2nd season)
– Joe Lutcher – band leader in 1940s and ’50s; SDA convert; was major force in conversion of Little Richard to Seventh-day Adventism
– Sovory – Allen Sovory is the singer/songwriter of many songs in movies, including The Fan; Jason’s Lyric; Blue Crush; The Sixth Man; American Wedding; backup singer for Lenny Kravitz; solo CD released in 1996 (son of SDA minister)
– Ivor Myers – rap singer who, with his groupm, the Boogiemonsters, converted to SDA; now SDA paster and religious TV show host
– Mervyn Warren Jr. – a founding member Take 6; also a solo artist; scored several major motion picure soundtracks; has written/produced music for Bette Midler, Boys II Men, Chicago and other major artists
– Jaci Velasquez – Christian contemporary singer; appeared in the movie Aye Papi
– John Stoddart – successful composer, song writer who has worked with major popular music artist (this is not the similarly-named famous photographer)

Film, Television, Radio:
– Mark Brown – African-American screenwriter, director, and producer known for such films as Barbershop (2002), Two Can Play That Game, and How To Be A Player
– Philip Michael Thomas – actor best for starring as “Rico Tubbs” on the 1980s TV series Miami Vice
– Clifton Davis – actor; star of TV series “That’s My Mama” (1984), “Amen” (1986); star of “The Painting” (2001), more; also an ordained SDA pastor
– Darwood Kaye – actor, best known as “Waldo” in Little Rascals film serials and TV series (SDA convert and pastor, using birth name “Ken Smith”)
– Chi McBride – actor, Boston Public TV series, etc. (raised SDA)
– Greg Mathis – famous no-nonsense TV judge, star of syndicated TV series “The Judge Greg Mathis Show” (lapsed)
– Terry Benedict – filmmaker; second unit 1st A.D. for “Terminator”; producer/director of “The Conscientious Objector” (about fellow SDA Desmond Doss)
– Paul Johnson – owner of a Christian music publishing company; first husband of TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford

– Joan Lunden – network broadcast journalist (raised SDA)
– Paul Harvey – nationally famous radio broadcaster (convert)

– Magic Johnson – professional basketball player
– Archie Moore – heavy weight boxing champion (convert)

– Art Buchwald – Pulitzer Prize-winning commentator and author (raised SDA)
– Richard Wright – one of first African-American writers to achieve literary fame (raised SDA)
– Arna Bontemps – important Harlem Renaissance writer, poet
– Rene Noorbergen – author of religious books, books about prophecy, incl.: Secrets of the Lost Races: New Discoveries of Advanced Technology in Ancient Civilizations; Ellen G. White, Prophet of Destiny; Jeane Dixon: My Life and Prophecies; The Ark File; Charisma of the Spirit: In Search of a Supernatural Experience: A Journalist Looks at the Tongues Movement; Nostradamus Predicts the End of the World; The Soul Hustlers; The Death Cry of an Eagle: The Rise and Fall of Christian Values in the United States; A.D. 2000: A Book About the End of Time; Invitation to a Holocaust: Nostradamus Forecasts World War III; Shadow of Terror; Noah’s Ark Found: The End of the Search; You Are Psychic: The Incredible Story of David N. Bubar

– Harry Anderson – American painter, illustrator.
– Rachel Roy – fashion designer; married to hip hop Rocafella Records exec Damon Dash (raised SDA)

– Sojourner Truth – abolitionist, black activist
– Paul Rusesabagina – hotel manager who saved hundreds from genocide in Rwanda; portrayed by Don Cheadle in Oscar-nominated role in movie “Hotel Rwanda” (2004)
– Malcolm X – influential African-American leader; led Black Muslim movement and Nation of Islam (raised SDA)

Health and Medicine:
– John Harvey Kellogg – influential doctor who studied health, developed exercise machines, marketed granola; John Kellogg hired his younger brother W.K. Kellogg, who invented breakfast cereal based on John’s ideas and founded cereal company (later excommunicated)
– Desmond Doss – medic and conscientious objector who became a war hero; only Congressional Medal of Honor recipient who never used used weapons
– Ben Carson – accomplished neurosurgeon; first to successfully separate Siamese twins joined at head
– Dr. Leonard Bailey – pioneering surgeon
– William S. Sadler – (1875-1969) prominent physician, surgeon, psychiatrist, professor, and author of 42 books; key Urantia figure (former SDA)
– Milton Brown – Assistant Professor in Chemistry and Research Assistant Professor in Neurology, University of Virginia
– Shirley Mason – most famous psychiatric patient in history (multiple-personality disorder); portrayed in 1973 best-selling book Sybil and a 1976 TV movie

– Jerry Lyle Pettis – (1916-1975) U.S. Representative from California, 1967-1975 (33rd District 1967-1975, 37th District 1975)
– Roscoe Gardner Bartlett – (1926- ) U.S. Representative from Maryland 6th District, 1993-.
– Robert Lee ‘Bob’ Stump – (1927- ) U.S. Representative from Arizona 3rd District, 1977-.
– Sheila Jackson Lee – controversial U.S. Representative from Houston’s 18th District (Texas), Democrat (1995-)
– John Street – mayor of Philadelphia
– Don Chairez – district judge; unsuccessful Republican candidate for U.S. Representatve from Nevada in 1998

Religious Leaders:
– Ellen White – co-founder and early prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventists
– Joseph Bates – sailor, sea captain, and a co-founder of Seventh-day Adventist Church
– Admiral Barry Black – became the Senate Chaplain for the U.S. Senate in August 2003; first African-American and first SDA to hold this position
– Wintley Phipps – SDA pastor, singer; founder of the U.S. Dream Academy; multiple Grammy nominations; author of The Power of A Dream (1996)
– John Osborne – controversial SDA minister, criminal, hate-monger, and eventually repentant televangelist and author
– Victor Houteff – founder of the Davidian Seventh Day Adventists, an SDA splinter group (1942-1961)
– David Koresh – former SDA who became Branch Davidian leader

– Elizaphan Ntakirutimana – chief SDA pastor of Rwanda who, along with his son Gerard, was one of the leaders of the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda
– Gerard Ntakirutimana – medical doctor and Seventh-day Adventist who was one of the leaders of the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda
– Lee Boyd Malvo – younger member of the “Beltway Sniper” duo that terrorized the Washington D.C. area in 2002 (former SDA; converted to Islam before he became a serial killer)
– Marcus Wesson – mass murderer who killed 9 family members in Fresno, California in March 2004
– Robert L. Yates, Jr. – most prolific serial killer in Washington state history
– Dayton Leroy Rogers – the “Molalla Forest Killer”; serial killer convicted of killing six women
– George Speight – leader of an indigenous uprising and non-violent coup attempt in Fiji, year 2000
– Kenneth Bianchi – “Hillside Strangler” serial killer (converted to SDA while in prison after his crimes)

– Eva Dykes – pioneering African-American female scholar, who broke through barriers by earning a Doctorate degree
– Michael Chamberlain and Lindy Chamberlain – SDA pastor and his devout SDA wife who were wrongly accused of murdering their baby Azaria after a dingo snatched and killed her. Strong religious prejudice in their community helped lead to a wrongful conviction in what became one of Australia’s most famous crime cases: the Dingo Trial of 1981-82. Elaine Hudson and John Hamblin starred as the couple in the 1983 TV movie “Who Killed Baby Azaria?” Miranda Otto and Craig McLachlan played the couple in the 2004 miniseries “Through My Eyes.” Meryl Streep and Sam Neill starred as the couple in the 1988 movie “A Cry in the Dark.”

In addition to the individuals listed above, some people who known within the SDA community, specifically because of their missionary efforts or other contributions to Seventh-day Adventism, include Hudson Taylor, John Tay (Pitcairn), Elsa Luukkanen (Finland), Luther Warren and Henry Fenner (SDA youth organization), Charles and Mary Andrews (student missionaries),

Other names that were been submitted by readers:
Dawnn Lewis – actress
Malik Taylor (“Phife”) – rap singer; group: Tribe Called Quest (lapsed)
John Davis – rap singer; group: Tribe Called Quest (converted to Islam)
Kim Fields – actress, “Facts of Life”, “Living Single” (lapsed)
John Leguizamo – actor
Chilli – from pop group
A.C. Green – former Phoenix Suns basketball player
Clarence Thomas – U.S. Supreme Court justice
Bernie Casey – professional football player who became a film actor
Jonathan Slocumb – comedian best known for his frequent appearances on The Steve Harvey Show
Fred Hammond – musician
Lola Falana – singer, dancer, actress
Fred “Rerun” Berry – actor
Al Jarreau – singer
Busta Rhymes – rapper
Dick Rutan – pilot
Muhammad Ali (when he was still Cassius Clay) – boxer
Roy Rogers – actor
Dale Evans – actress
Alan Wiggins – noted Major League Baseball Player with the San Diego Padres and Baltimore Orioles. Was a member of the Padres 1984 World Series Team. Still holds Padre’s single-season stolen base record with 70 steals (reportedly raised SDA)
Gene Conley – dual-sports figure of the 1950s. Played simultaneously with both the Boston Red Soxs as a Pitcher, and Basketball for the Boston Celtics
Oliver Nelson – noted African-American Jazz, Film, and TV composer. Wrote theme for TV’s Six Million Dollar Man
Dr. Frank Jobe – acclaimed sports surgeon with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and most noted for his “Tommy John Surgery” which has saved the careers of numerous athletes
Rod Perry – actor best known for his major supporting role as “Sergeant David ‘Deacon’ Kay” on the TV series “S.W.A.T.” (1975-1976)
Jonathan Jackson – actor, singer with band Enation
Musical Groups: Isley Brothers, and Black Sabbath

Interviews with Seventh-day Adventists, published in Dialogue
College and University Dialogue is a publication of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. According to the publication’s official webpage, it is “an international journal of faith, thought, and action published by the Committee on Adventist Ministry to College and University Students (AMiCUS) in cooperation with the 13 world divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.” This journal regularly publishes brief interviews with Seventh-day Adventists. An index to these interviews, ranging in time from 1994 through 2003, can be found here: http://dialogue.adventist.org/indexes/profiles.htm
The individuals interviewed in this Dialogue series are listed below, along with descriptions of who they are as taken from the article title. Although none of these individuals are “famous” in the sense that they are well known by the general public, they are all accomplished Seventh-day Adventists.

Milton S. Afonso: Philanthropist in Brazil
Verna Alva: Psychiatrist in Peru
Mario H. Ochoa: Executive Vice President of ADRA International
Nathan Greene: Illustrator
Ljiljana (Lilo) Ljubisic: world-class athlete
Sir James Carlisle: Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda
Barry C. Black: chaplain in the U.S. Navy
Leona Glidden Running: linguist and scholar

Carlos Puyol Buil: Spanish pastor, scholar, and administrator
Ruy Vieira: creationist in Brazil
Grace Adeoye: university lecturer and researcher from Nigeria
Manuel Escorcio: South African international singer
Jon Johanson: record-breaking aviator from Australia
Linda Hyder Ferry: physician
Barbara Reynolds: Education Program Officer at UNICEF
Ben Carson: pediatric neurosurgeon
Grace Emori: Epidemiologist
Birgid Faber: Orthodontist in Germany
Raymond Romand: neurobiologist in France
Harrington Fitz Henry: engineer-evangelist in Jamaica
Ethel Nelson: pathologist and writer
Lars Justinen: illustrator and artist
Ghanem Fargo: businessman in Iraq
Beverly Wesner-Hoehn: musician
Gloria Diokno: university lecturer and researcher from the Philippines
Floyd Murdoch: birdwatcher
Phil MacKay: painter of wildlife in Australia
Sientje Mewengkang: congresswoman in Indonesia
Michael A. Comberiate: rocket scientist
Mary Grace Gellekanao: unique concert pianist
Alois Kinder: businessman in Austria
John Ap: urban and tourism planner
Gwendolyn Winston Foster: Philadelphia’s Health and Fitness Czar
David Pendleton: in the Hawaii House of Representatives
Kay Kuzma: an Adventist with a passion for family values
Ebenezer Chambi: physician, health educator, and community leader
Phetsile Kholekile Dlamini: Swaziland Minister for Health and Social Welfare
Elfred Lee: Artist in Mexico
Alexei Sergeev: Art Historian in Russia
Mario Veloso: poet from Chile
Heber Pintos: illustrator from Uruguay
Marilyn C. Savedra: nurse educator and researcher
Nery Cruz: artist in Puerto Rico
Mary Atieno Ang’awa: judge in Kenya’s High Court
Elizabeth Ostring: family physician in New Zealand
Rachel Nyirabu: Wife of Tanzania’s Ambassador to the U.S.A
Marilyn Fargo: specialist in conciliation
Bertha Saveniers: sculptor in Belgium
Francisco de Araujo: conductor, producer, and artistic director
Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse: musician with an up-tempo vision for Adventist education
Victor Issa: sculptor
James Graves: Supreme Court judge in Mississippi
Ingrid Klamberg: Sex Counselor in Sweden
Siriporn Tantipoonwinai: educational leader in Thailand
Kim Gangte: member of parliament in India
Joan Coggin: international health-care ambassador
Pik-Yee Kan: family physician in Singapore
Yoshinori Namihira: optical fiber research engineer in Japan
Maria Lee: hotel manager in China

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