Finding difficulties reading the Bible? Here are 7 proven ways on how to read

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A relationship with God is one of the best things we can have in this world. We do face temptations and trials here and there when we want to have a closer walk with God, but He has given us hope that He will be with us through it all.

One of the ways of growing in Faith apart from praying and sharing the word of God is reading the Bible and here I have tried to give suggestion on how to read the scripture and grow as a Christian.

1. Read it reverently. The holy angels who are ever before the throne of God cover their faces as they sing His praise. We should shut out of our minds all worldly thoughts when we open the pages of our Heavenly Father’s word.

2. Read it slowly. its truths have time to take root. “Be still, and know” (Psalm 46:10), says the Mighty One. Be quiet, unhurried, that you may hear His voice. Only so can you know your Bible. “The Bible in the hand won’t do; the Bible in the head won’t do; but the Bible in the heart means eternal life.”

3. Read it submissively. Bible is God’s message to you. Through its pages, He will speak to your heart, leading you into all truth. Come to this read­ing in a submissive, teachable, obedient spirit, and you will be truly taught of Him.

4. Read it prayerfully. Take your Bible to Christ, that He may give you understanding. Think not so much of the number of chapters and verses as of your need, and the help which your Father is waiting to send you through His word. And remember that your progress in comprehension at the Bible will be measured by your earnestness in prayer.

5. Read it daily. I am sorry for the men who do not read the Bible every day,” said President Wilson. “Today,” is the word of inspiration. “To­day … hear, His voice”- and every day. Do not miss one, or say to yourself, “Tomorrow.” What if, for you, tomorrow should not come?

6. Read it first. The Bible ought to have the best time in the day; and for most, men, the best time in the day is the early morning hour.” No matter what other books press their claims upon your time and thought, do not open one till you have spent some time with the Bible.

7. Read it last.Come to the Book at nightfall. The day may bring temptation and defeat, toil and weariness, grief and humiliation. Whatever has come, we still need that which Jesus alone can bestow. “Come unto Me, … and I will give” (Matthew 11:28), is His gracious invitation. There is only one condition-Come. And how better can we come to Him than to sit down for a little space with His word, telling Him our heart’s need, and listening to His message to us?

 Is it your desire to let Jesus teach you truth through His Word? Will you endeavor to study His Word every day in the way God has told us to study it? BY EZEKIEL KIANA

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