Flee from her snares, Denounce adultery

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She drips of honey from her lips
Her words ever smooth as oil But for;
she is bitter as gall
The sons and daughters of men she has slain
And many sent to the rich ground
That never gets filled and satisfied
Her ways are the most crooked
Though dangerous as she is
She still holds a multitude.

Listen, to you who hath the ear
Attention to my words bear
Keep off from her filthy paths
Never come forth her residence
For she will siphon your wealth
And eat up your nourished health
And at the end you will groan
When your flesh and are spent.

Keep your Father’s commands with you
Bind them upon your heart forever
You can even take a further step
And fasten them around your neck
When you slip, they will be there to lift you up
When you are awake, they will be there to speak to you
For these commands are your lights
To keep you off from every plight
Keeping you off; the immoral woman.

God created man Who then created money
That has swayed many hearts to immorality Cars,
houses and fame they have in the name of her
She still incorporates many who yearn for her
For she is never satisfied
She has made many to compromise God’s commands.

Never lust in your heart because of her beauty
Never let her hold you captive of what you see about her
Whoever follows her destroys his life
Blows and disgrace are his lot
And the shame brought forth will never be wiped away.

My son, my daughter
Keep my words and store up my commands within you
Use them wisely and you will live
Bind them to your fingers
Write them on the tablets of your hearts
Her persuasive will only lead you astray
For seductive she is.

Now my sons and my daughters
Pay attention to these words
Do not let your heart turn to her ways
Many are victims that she has brought down
Her slain are a mighty throng
Her house is a highway to the grave
Leading to the chambers of death.
Who hath an ear has heard
Don’t follow her For she will ensnare you
In the Bible God commands
Exodus chapter twenty verse fourteen
“You should not commit adultery”

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