Florida Man Suffocated To Death After Having Sex With Pet Anaconda

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It took several hours for authorities to separate the large serpent from the young man as the victim was in “full erection” and had “deeply penetrated” the female anaconda’s genitalia according to the coroner’s report.

David Brown, 22, was found naked and completely enveloped by his pet anaconda by a friend when he contacted authorities, hoping they could save his life.

“I knew he was into bestiality and erotic asphyxiation but I never thought it would go so wrong,” explained his friend in tears to reporters.

“He always told me he wasn’t hurting anybody and that animals loved sex as much as humans, that it was a consensual thing. Who am I to judge?” he added.

An animal lover

The young man that was an avid animal fan had a wide collection of pets ranging from dogs and cats to tarantulas, snakes, scorpions, turtles and even a baby wild hog he described himself as “extremely horny.”

“He’s loved animals since he was a young boy,” said his mother.

“I wasn’t too fond of that big snake but he reassured me he’d take care of it and that it wasn’t dangerous,” she said, exploding in tears.

An eye-opening incident

David Brown was also brought to the emergency room last October after an incident with a pet gerbil who had “accidentally perforated his anus and chewed through his intestinal track,” explained another family friend.

The young man had suffered severe internal bleeding and necessitated surgery but was up and running again two months later.

“I thought he had learned his lesson from that previous incident but he definitely did not” explained one of his former girlfriends who wished to remain anonymous.

“He once convinced me into a threesome with his German Shepherd but I wouldn’t get close to that snake, even if David proposed it several times and was really persuasive,” she remembers.

Although the state of Florida has officially outlawed bestiality in October 2011, the bestiality law does not forbid oral sex between a human and an animal, and only forbids “penetration” of a human sex organ into an animal’s mouth according to legal experts.

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