Former Pastor gets prison for sexually abusing boy for 10 years infecting him HIV

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A former Pennsylvania minister who was HIV positive while he sexually abused a boy for approximately a decade will serve up to 15 years in prison.

Norman (Ted) Faux started abusing the child at age 9 and continued the abuse for years, eventually plying the boy with drugs in exchange for sex,according to WNEP-TV.

For much of the time, he served as a United Methodist Pastor in Lake Ariel, a small village 20 miles outside Scranton, Pa.

“He perverted his role as a clergyman. He is a despicable fella and one of the most manipulative defendants I’ve ever dealt with,” First Assistant Wayne County District Attorney Pat Robinson told the TV station.

Faux had his credentials as a pastor suspended and he eventually relinquished the title after allegations led to a church trial in 2011. Church officials discovered he’d been sexually abusing a parishioner.

Faux was arrested in August 2014 and charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, aggravated assault and indecent assault.

The deviant was found out when the victim’s girlfriend found a text message where Faux asked to perform oral sex on the victim, who was 19 in 2014, the Citizen’s Voice reported.

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