Fundamentals an insult to Kenyan women-song MUST be banned

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[blockquote style=”style-1″]These are the things These are my things These are your things These are the fundamentals[/blockquote]

They say music is the key to the soul. No statement can be further from the truth. Imagine the power of music that even when not concentrating and some music plays along, you find your hands or feet tapping to the rhythm.

Music is one of the hardest things to filter to the mind and they penetrate to the deepest of our minds that even if you didn’t know the song, the second chorus you would have mastered it along.

Yesterday was unfortunate for me as i had to see what the Kenyan society has become through the Churchill show. One Ken Wa Maria was the climax of the show with his most Favorited song Fundamentals. It is even more sickening that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during the same show commented that that was his favourite song.

Do we listen to the beats or do we listen to the content? Ken Wa Maria confessed to writing Fundamentals when drunk. Yes. Drunk. As in what do good do you expect from someone who is drunk? Well, you may as well get the fundamentals.

The song is the epitome of insult to women and quite unfortunate that women dance to and i presume give away the fundamentals in equal measure. In a  society where women leaders stand up in arms to condemn the slapping of another leader (read Shebesh) in public for publicly intruding into another’s office (read Kidero)  with no regard to courtesy, respect, procedure nor protocol yet the same women fail to realize the damage some songs are to the society really shows how failed the Kenyan society is.

Don’t get me wrong, am not condemning one ill and rationalizing another but the priorities are absolutely wrong when we applaud one ill in public with no regard to how that ill is affecting the society at large.

Let us re-look at the song shall we? In the video, Ken Wa Maria points at a woman’s privates and declares them fundamentals. He then claims ownership to those fundamentals and then shares with you those fundamentals.

Now lets look at kids singing…young boys claiming ownership of their fundamentals from young girls. Now lets consider your daughter being forced to give away the fundamentals that apparently belongs to someone else? Fun?

The song is the epitome of insult to women. That women are mere sex objects characterized by their privates which are essentially fundamentals owned by men. HUH! Now you feel the insult? But the insult did not come from me, it came from a drunkard who was probably trying to get laid and the woman slapped him and out of tears claimed ownership of the woman albeit in his dreams.

This is one more reason the Okoa Mtoto initiative came at a right time. [social link=”” icon=”62221″]

That our children should no more be exposed to such music and the fact that such music gets airplay in radios, get recommended by the former Prime Minister, gets the attention of Churchill fans, shows how sick Kenya is and needs immediate curing.

Maybe together we can voice the condemnation of the kind of content that gets through to our children from radios and Tvs if the leaders we have fail to notice how damaging this is.

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