Gay Couple Arrested For Raping Their 9 Adopted Sons, Claim They Were Just “Showing Them Other Ways”

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Everyone has heard about gay marriage now being legal all over the United States. That isn’t news. However, what is happening now that gay marriage is “normal” will probably send you into an outrage.

Recently a judge allowed men from Glastonbury to get married and “have children.” The men decided to adopt a total of 9 sons. Well, it just came out that they have raped 6 of the 9 boys (probably all of them, but evidence hasn’t get surface). This is the exact type of thing that you can expect when you allow gay men to adopt young boys that can easily be taken advantage of.

On top of this, the men say that they just want to “show the boys the other side of the coin.” According to Mr. and Mr. Harasz the boys would not have a “fair chance” to learn about all of the different type of people. They believe that helping them experience this “lifestyle” will allow them to grow and develop into very “open-minded” people. Yes, these men are very sick indeed. It is absolutely sickening listening to them speak in this way about young boys who never had a say in the

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