Gay music director says he was fired from Catholic church job after same-sex marriage

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Michael Templeton married his husband in July 2015, but now it seems that the marriage cost him his job as the St. Mary’s music director.

“Any person who holds a ministerial position in the Church, as an employee or a volunteer, is expected to live in a way that is fully consistent with the teachings and faith of the Church,” a spokeswoman for Bishop Thomas J. Tobin told NBC 10. “If an individual deliberately and knowingly enters into a relationship or engages in activity that contradicts the core teachings of the Church, that individual leaves the Church no choice but to respond.”

The Providence, Rhode Island man said that he was “summoned” to the church office “to be fired by the pastor and a diocesan HR staff member because of the person I love.”

It left him “hurt” and “disappointed,” but not only is he not working for the church anymore, he’s left the parish entirely.

“It no longer feels like a place where I can feel safe and continue my spiritual journey,” Templeton said. “I do pray for the community, the pastor and the bishop, however.”

Templeton grew up in the Catholic church and has nearly 25 years of experience in music ministry. None of that mattered to Father Franceso Francese. “There were many aspects of the conversation that were bizarre, unprofessional and inappropriate,” Templeton mentioned in a Facebook post earlier this week. He wouldn’t elaborate other than to say that another church employee brought something to the church’s attention they had to address.

“The way that it was put was ‘the marriage to which you entered is inconsistent with the teachings of the Church,’” Templeton said. “To say that it was completely an utter shock would be a lie because I think we are all aware of what the hierarchy teaches.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that anyone who acts on their homosexual identity is “contrary to the order of natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life.” It orders all “homosexual persons” to live a life “called to chastity.” Read more



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