George Soros Invests $500 million For Refugees – Western Civilization Must Break

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“We will invest in startups, established companies, social impact initiatives, and businesses started by migrants and refugees. These investments are intended to be successful. But our primary focus is to create products and services that truly benefit migrants and host communities,” the 86-year-old said in an official statement.

“I hope my commitment will inspire other investors to pursue the same mission.” Reports CNBC

Of course all this is a farce. First of all the refugee crisis was created by Obama and Hillary Clinton with each supporting the militant groups that later merged to form ISIS.

Just think back. Before Obama became president, before the invasion of Syria, before ISIS, everything was almost cool right? But for the global government to work, Western Civilization must crumble.

What do they do? Go to Syria to fight a democratically elected president, blame it on a terror group and force a mass migration of Syrians to Western Nations. On Saturday, the world woke up to troubling news that the US had bombed Syrian Army killing at least 70 soldiers 7 minutes before ISIS militants attacked the same place! Luck or planning?

How does George Soros fit in? Well he of course is part of the Global Elite conspiracy to create a world government. So while all Western Nations including America and Europe saying the Syrian immigration crisis is a problem, they will still pump in more funds to allow more refugees.

When does this end?

Again, this week, in his last address to the UN as US President, Barrack Obama made a pitch for America to become ‘World Police‘. In his speech, Obama praised an international form of governance over what we see today. This while other intelligence officers are rooting for the US to be the World Police.

America has more than 800 military bases around the world. And they have the financial resources. Here is a list of all Central Banks owned by George Soros and friends.

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