German Cannibal Killed And Ate His Gay Partner

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Armin Meiwes, the German computer expert who gained worldwide notoriety by killing and eating an allegedly willing victim sits next to his lawyer Harald Ermel (L) in a courtroom in Kassel December 29, 2003. Meiwes stands trial in a case of sexually inspired cannibalism so perplexing it could make legal history. REUTERS/Uwe Zucchi/Pool

A notorious German cannibal has described in shockingly graphic detail how he killed and ate his gay lover ‘with his permission’.

Armin Meiwes became one of the most infamous cannibals in history after killing and consuming 43-year-old computer technician Bernd Brandes in 2001.

The pair met after Brandes posted an advert online entitled ‘Dinner – or your dinner’ and offering ‘the chance to eat me alive’.

Meiwes, 42, from Rotenburg, has given horrific insight into the killing which stunned the country.

‘I decorated the table with nice candles,’ he said. ‘I took out my best dinner service, and fried and piece of rump steak – a piece from his back – made what I call princess potatoes, and sprouts,’ he said, in an unprecedented interview for new documentary ‘Docs: Interview with a Cannibal’.

‘After I prepared my meal, I ate it.

‘The first bite was, of course, very strange. It was a feeling I can’t really describe. I’d spent over 40 years longing for it, dreaming about it.

‘And now I was getting the feeling that I was actually achieving this perfect inner connection through his flesh. The flesh tastes like pork but stronger.’ Read More

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