God gives Bamboo vision of Beyonce and Jay Z

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The rapper says he saw Jay-Z and Beyonce in a vision

It is not a prank guys, hardcore Kenyan rapper Bamboo, has seen the light after God ‘appeared’ to him in a vision the night after terrorists attacked the Westgate Mall, Nairobi.

The singer told Monday Blues how God appeared to him in his sleep and showed him how the world was ending and so, in untold painful destruction.

“After seeing what I saw, you can’t keep on arguing with God. I am saved…I was with Beyonce and Jay Z in this uplifted place when the whole world sunk and swallowed everyone. As a rapper who has come face to face with satanic truths, I know what that means. It is time the truth about our stars and devil worshipping gets exposed,” Bamboo told Monday Blues.

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