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God Is Preparing You For Something Great, Only If You Can Survive

God Is Preparing You For Something Great, Only If You Can Survive

On Sunday I set about cooking beans-which are sort of my favorite and anyone who has cooked beans understand how hard those things are. And while I was boiling them, I was working and would keep going back to the kitchen to add more water to check if the beans were soft enough.

Unfortunately at one of those ‘trips’ I got so caught up that the next thing I felt was the smell of burning beans and it kept bothering me-you know, the burnt beans.

That evening while I was praying and reflecting on the hardships we go through, my mind went back to the beans.

Whether burnt, hard or soft they remain beans. On their own, they will remain hard beans in your kitchen. Put them on gas and assume they will ‘auto-cook’ and you have burnt beans.

But if you are patient, you keep stirring them, adding water when needed, at some point you will end up with soft beans-what you want.

So is our Christian life friend. You are who you are. If God lets you as such, you remain a sinful you, cursed to death by the sins you committed. But if you decide to let God work on you, then friend, your Christian life will be those beans in hot water.

God is molding a person out of you fit to be a resident of Heaven with the Angels. God is molding in you a person He created you to be. The Bible says, that part of molding is not fun. It is not easy.

Remember the story of Job. The man lost everything he had and when the world would expect him to come out wasted and a pauper, he came out a strong witness of God.

Jer 18:6 O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.

Am not sure what is happening in your life today, but I want you to reflect with me on the story of the bean. Whatever circumstances you are going through, you have Christ on your side to overcome. Should you stay too comfortable in your present situation then you will get burnt-you will loose focus of where you need to be.

Any challenge that comes your way, think of it as a hard element in you God needs to make soft. And that can only happen if you pray and keep your hope in Christ Jesus.

God bless you friend.