God made the Devil pay

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An old lady would come out of her home every morning and Praise God.

She had a neighbor who was an atheist and he would come out and yell at her that there was no God.

One day this lady came out and started to pray out loud that she was out of food and needed food.

The next morning when she opened her door, there on her porch were four bags of groceries.
She began to praise God! All of a sudden her neighbor jumped out from the bushes and yelled,

“Got ya, God didn’t get those for you I did.”

” The lady then began to praise God louder saying, “God you not only got me the groceries but you made the devil pay for them.”

No devil on earth can beat God in the Chess of Life.
God is already many moves ahead of them
And we are so lucky that God is on our side
When He decrees a blessing upon our lives
Even the devil will deliver that blessing not stop it
What confidence should we have in approaching the throne of grace
And receive that joy
The blessings
The hope of salvation
And the forgiveness of sins
Thank you Jesus.

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