God Is Still Talking To Us

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Would it be surprising if you found out there is a church which actually teaches God does not speak to people today? You might ask, “Then what is the purpose of prayer” (when we speak to God), and “Then what is the purpose of meditation” (when God speaks to us)? I recounted one instance where God spoke directly to me about something so small as a bar of soap, and I will now share another personal instance when God spoke to me—directly. Afterward, I will invite you to share your own experience, so others who might believe in the false teaching of the silence of God, will begin to share an experience as ours. God not only has spoken through Christ and the prophets, but He still speaks to each and every one of us, if we will listen.

Why Don’t You Pray to Me

It was July 4th, 1993, alone, hungry, thirsty and no relief to be found, desperate and drug-addicted, scrapping the last bits of crack cocaine residue from an already empty crackpipe is when the glass broke in my hands, causing both palms to bleed profusely, spilling onto my pant legs, both of them, when I heard a voice:

“There were once hands which bled for you.”

I sat up in the darkened room, hearing the distinct voice which got my attention. Then He said, because I now knew who was speaking to me:

“Why don’t you pray to Me?”

I got down on my knees and prayed, simply this: “Lord, save me”.

He said, yes, He said. We’re having a conversation:

“If I can send you somewhere, would you go?”

I responded, “If You can send me somewhere, I will go.”

The following day, my wife found where I was, without having been told, by me. She later confessed, “God told me to go find you”. When she arrived at my now deserted “former” home, she said these very words, “If I can send you somewhere, would you go!”

These were the same, VERY words I had heard earlier. I knew then it was God already providing a way, for me.

Friends, this very act of God, the very time He took time to speak directly to me, begin my restoration from a life of drug addiction. God not only spoke to me, but also to my now ex-wife, in order to save His son. There was no Bible. There was no prophet. There was no minister. Only God and myself.

God DOES speak to us, if only we will listen.

Now, I invite others to share their experience which will help those who have difficulty and have never heard God’s voice.

March 7, 2016 Roy Martin

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