God does not want you to be comfortable….

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Praying in public took Daniel from the comfort of his home to a den full of hungry lions.

Worshiping only God took Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the comforts of security, to the burning fiery furnace and anger of a king.

Faithfulness to God took Mary from the comfort of an ideal life to being a pregnant un-wed girl delivering God’s own son in a barn.

Following God took Moses from the comfort of shepherding a few sheep to leading the Israelites in a desert to the Promised Land for forty years.

Obedience to God took Abraham from the comfort of his hometown to an unknown land.

Faith took Esther from the comfort of her castle to the scepter and possible rejection of her king.

Trusting God took David from the comfort of shepherding sheep in the fields to the battlefield and then to the throne of a king.

Love took Jesus from the comforts of heaven to the pain of the cross.

If there is one thing I’ve been learning lately it’s this: God doesn’t really care about my comfort zone.

He doesn’t care for me to get too comfortable in this world.

To get too settled in.

In fact, He has called us all to do the exact opposite.

From the beginning of time until now He has asked His children to walk out in faith with Him.

To follow Him into the land of unknown.

To press forward through tribulation.

To stop holding on to what is comfortable.

To be faithful to Him even though we don’t know where He will take us next.

The question is… will you allow Him to take you out your comfort zone?

Out of everything that you know?

Out of a life that seems ideal to you?

As someone once said “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Are you there today?

My prayer is that I will allow obedience to God take me into unknown places, to help me do things I could never imagine doing on my own, to allow me to love people I don’t know, to never let this world start feeling like my home.

That I will allow love of others bring me to a life of selflessness and service as I honor and care for the people God has placed in my life.

That I will allow faithfulness to His Word transform not only my thinking but the way I live every minute of my day.

Has God asked you to do anything out of your comfort zone recently?

Share your faith with someone you don’t know?

Love someone that is hard to like?

Use your gifts and talents in a way you never have in the past?

Follow Him to an unknown place?

Do something you have never done before?

Today… be obedient to Christ and walk with Him in faith at the end of your comfort zone, just like the many great men and women of the Bible that did the same before you.

He provided for them. He made a way for them. He used them in ways they never would have been used on their own. And He will do the same for you.

Walk with faith today. Be blessed! Anna… ♥

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