Home Bible Study God’s Final Call – 01 – Is it the End of the World?

God’s Final Call – 01 – Is it the End of the World?

God’s Final Call – 01 – Is it the End of the World?

Welcome. We’re starting off a lecture series that the first lecture is entitled ‘Is it the end of the world?’ This is an interesting subject. This is a topic which is discussed at all levels of society and has been the question laid in front of many people as long as we can go back in history. Is it the end of the world? Obviously not. That is the obvious statement. Everything has taken so long to get to where we are here millions and millions of years. It is not going to end just like that. Before we get to the lecture series – and it’s going to be quite a long lecture series and we’ll go through a whole bunch of information – I just want to give you a bit of a background about myself and then it might give you some insight as to why I travel and speak as I do giving insight into the deceptions which are currently so vividly marketed in the world.


My name is Mark Woodman. I was born in 1975 in Johannesburg to a family of four – my parents, my sister and I. We were born into a family of devout Christian heritage. When I say devout Christians we were dedicated to the church.

I was born into the New Apostolic church. That is not a charismatic church, it’s a very reverenced church and it’s a church that believes that it is the bride of Christ. Also having worship services that are reverenced full with music and very closely associated to the word of God. When I was born into this church I got involved in all aspects of the church and I was music co-coordinator, I was choir master and was orchestra leader, I was youth leader for a while, I was involved in all different types of it, I was a deacon, sub-deacon and I was on my way to become a priest and we’d go to services regularly.

We’d have three-four communion services a week. Tuesday evening would be choir, Thursday evening would be orchestra, Friday evening would be youth, Saturday would be something, Sunday would be something, so the church absorbed all aspects of our lives. We were heavily involved in the church.