God’s Final Call – 03 – Structure of Prophecy

1 min

We’re going to be discussing the structure of prophecy. Like we looked at in the previous lectures, prophecy is very, very important. In the bible, prophecy has been given to us for a number of reasons, which I’ll get into a couple of minutes.

But prophecy is possibly the most powerful but the most misunderstood aspect of the word of God. God has sealed up His truth in prophetic language and He’s done so that only diligent study is able to unlock it. More and more as we enter the final times of the world, those that are truly diligent about the word of God are the ones that are able to unlock and explain prophecy.

The reason God locked prophecy in prophetic in language is so that He could protect it from corruption from outside fingers as it were; from people that would influence the bible and prophecy to mean something else so that Satan once he understood prophecy would adjust it. But because it’s locked up in prophetic language, it can only be encoded and decoded by the bible.

The only way to unlock or decode prophecy is to learn the language of prophecy from the bible and apply that language to the information. So, you get a type of prophetic stencil which when you look at the prophecy through the stencil it makes sense. Prophecy was given to us as it explains in Amos 3:7 to give us security in our knowledge about what’s coming in future.

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