God’s last minute call to His people

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last warning

We are living in the wicked times of not working on marital problems, but instead people are divorcing and moving on. Pastors and church leaders today encourage divorce, you hear them saying, if it is not working just hang-up and move on!

The Bible teaches us that God hates divorce, Malachi 2:16. Divorce is a horrible sin that perpetuates for a lifetime: we are living in a time of liars, vow-breakers and easy quitters, just like as it was in the days of Noah; the times of Noah were times of not working out marriage problems just like today! Sexual immorality was rampant across the world.

Sex tourism is everywhere today, in that reason marriage is no longer treated as sacred. Sin of adultery is promoted by world governments to the extend that even our children are starting to engage in sex while very young.

Satan through our governments has allowed abortion, people today are having sex with multiple partners before marriage: and others do the same while married to someone else, 2 Timothy 3:1-5) foretold that in the last days people would live only for pleasures, high-minded, boasters, disobedience, fierce and lacking any natural feelings.

People become swallowed with pride, no feelings, no happiness and no true love. It’s all part of the sign of end times. Churches are embracing gay marriages, homosexual are ordained to be church leaders or to be Pastors, women also are ordained to be Pastors or church leaders, these are all part of the signs of the times.

We are living in the times as it were in Sodom and Gomorrah, being brainwashed to accept homosexual as a good thing. Homosexuality is perversion and outright sin: God hates such practice to an extend that He established the death penalty Leviticus 20:13.

Homosexual practice is the reason why Sodom and Gomorrah is not existing today, Jude 1:7. People today have no shame, no remorse, no regret! Those who have filed for divorce have no remorse nor regret, it’s because they are very far away from the love of the Lord. Marriage, love and trust is gone far away from our society, there is no sanctity in marriage vows today.

People are deceived by government that they have rights! No one has the right from God to killing in abortion, or commit adultery, or to be a homosexual and to divorce. Bible teaches us that in the times of Noah people where marry and giving up to marriage! It was time when people are divorcing and moving on to another filled relationship in the progressive of adultery just like today. The surge in homosexuality is the strongest evidence of the end times, as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah, Jesus said it shall be. This prophetic signs are shouted to us and telling us that Jesus is coming, but no one takes it seriously. Let us all repent for the time is very short, Jesus is coming again.

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