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Greater Church of Lucifer Opens Up In Texas US

Greater Church of Lucifer Opens Up In Texas US

(Click2Houston) : In quaint Old Town Spring, a new church is truly the first of its kind.

The church that will soon be opening doors isn’t any old church —  it’s the Greater Church of Lucifer.”

In about 3 1/2 weeks the Houston area will see the doors open on the first known home of the GCOL right down the street from Christian churches, antique stores and flower shops. But church leaders said it’s not that Lucifer.

“A Luciferian would find it insulting to bow before any perceived deity,” co-founder and Luciferianism expert Michael Ford said.  “We don’t believe as a basis in the existence of a deity that wants us to worship it.”

Luciferianism has been around in some form for centuries, but this is the first time members have erected a building to conduct services.

One of the co-founders, who goes by the pen name Jacob No, said for people who visit, they’ll get a different kind of church experience.

“We do not have a preacher,” No said.  “We do not have somebody saying, ‘This is the way it has to be, you have to live this way.'”

Although some of their symbols may be disturbing to outsiders, leaders said they view Lucifer not in the Judeo-Christian view as the devil, but as a source of light that challenges people to think outside the box.

For them, it’s all about the individual.

“We’re giving a platform for people to explore themselves with ultimate freedom,” No said.  “They will be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘I understand you better.'”

The GCOL is scheduled to officially open on Oct. 30 and leaders say they are getting interest from people all over the world who want to attend that grand opening