Harvard Guide Says Gender Can ‘Change From Day to Day’

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The office of BGLTQ Student Life at Harvard University has released a guide that says for some people, gender identity can “change from day to day.”

The school-sponsored flier, which was distributed to students on the elite Ivy League campus, said for some “gender is fluid and changing,” and it “can be affirmed and/or expressed in many ways.”

“Transphobic misinformation is a form of systemic violence,” the document goes on to state. “Fixed binaries and biological essentialism, manifest in gendered language, misgendering someone, and the policing of trans bodies, threaten the lives of trans people.”

“What they’re saying is, ‘You don’t just have to think the way that we do politically or intellectually, you have to feel the way that we do,'” Stuckey said. “And that’s moral manipulation.”

She said it’s frightening that a supposedly elite center of higher education is not encouraging critical thinking among its students.

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