Hillary Clinton Marches in New York City Homosexual Pride Parade

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NEW YORK — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton marched in New York City’s homosexual pride parade on Sunday, waving a rainbow flag.

According to reports, Clinton marched for two blocks in the area of the Stonewall Inn, a tavern that the Obama administration has sought to have dedicated as a monument to homosexual rights. She was joined by Al Sharpton, a controversial ordained Baptist minister, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Actress Cynthia Nixon of “Sex in the City” marched with Clinton as well.

The former secretary of state shook hands with event attendees, many of whom called out her name as she passed by.
Clinton also Tweeted about the issue of homosexuality numerous times on Sunday, writing, “Happy NYC Pride!” and “One year ago, love triumphed in our highest court. Yet LGBT Americans still face too many barriers. Let’s keep marching until they don’t.”

She additionally shared a video about her support for “gay rights” in America and provided a graphic of the states where same-sex “marriage” has been legalized, commenting that it is one of her “favorite maps.”
On Saturday, Clinton posted a video in which she spoke about her goal to continue her homosexual advocacy if elected.

“[P]art of what I want to do as president is to keep not only our campaign for full equality going, but also to turn our attention with the help of so many like you to speak out and work for giving others around the world the opportunity to be who they are, love who they choose, [and] have the kind of future they deserve,” she says in the clip, which shows Clinton speaking to a group of supporters at a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community center. christiannews.net

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